Milk Paint by Fusion

Milk Paint by Fusion gives you the ability to create an authentic vintage finish! It comes as a powder, just add water and mix up the amount you need. The remaining dry milk paint powder still in the pouch will last forever until you have another project.

Fusion Milk Paint is super durable, it bonds with bare wood, meaning it will not peel! Topcoat with whatever you choose… hemp oil, tung oil, wax, SFO, whatever topcoat of your choice.

Zero VOC! Super safe for anyone to paint with.

Super easy to use, so great for first time painter or a seasoned pro!

This week:
Milk Paint by Fusion color of the week: ‘Little Black Dress’ Save 10% when you purchase Little Black Dress at Redo Your Furniture now through Jan 29, 2023!

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Showing all 32 results