Workshop Classes and Demonstrations

Workshops are in-person demonstration and hands-on classes, held in the Redo Your Furniture workroom in New Richmond, Wisconsin and are so fun! (all participants receive 10% off their purchases made in the shop the day of the workshop, plus loyalty points!)

Ranging in time from 1-3 hours, (depending on the style of workshop). Workshops are ‘hands-on’ workshops, where you’ll try out the technique on a scrap board, a completed project when everything is provided or actually redo your piece of furniture here, all depending on which workshop you choose.

Every level is welcome!

From the person that has never even picked up a paint brush, to one that has lots of experience, but wants to learn a new technique, it’s a great way to learn a new technique, skill or product.

Click below to read the available workshops currently being offered. Most workshops are available Thursday, Friday & Saturday during shop open hours, but my schedule is flexible, so we can accommodate your schedule needs.

If you’d like to learn a particular technique or need it on a different day, please do not hesitate to reach out! I love to make it work for you to learn and create!!

Grab a friend or two and lets set it up! Space is very limited in the workroom, 2-3 participants max.

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