Workshop Classes and Demonstrations

Workshops are in-person demonstration classes, held in the Frame and Frills workroom in New Richmond, Wisconsin and are so fun! (all participants receive a 10% of coupon for day of workshop!)

Ranging in time from only 30 minutes for a simple demonstration workshop, (which is free and only a ‘watching’ workshop) to 2-3 hour long ‘hands-on’ workshops, where you actively redo your piece.

Every level is welcome! From the person that has never even picked up a paint brush, to one that has lots of experience, but wants to learn a new technique. Depending on which workshop style you select, it’s a great way to learn a new technique, skill or product.

Click below to read the available workshops currently being offered. Most workshops are available Thursday, Friday & Saturday during shop open hours. Space is very limited in the workroom, 2-3 participants max.

If you’d like to learn a particular technique or need it on a different day, please do not hesitate to reach out! I love to make it work for you to learn and create!!

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Showing all 3 results