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RDS Stencils




RDS Stencils

From smaller craft size stencils, perfect for added pizzazz to a piece of furniture or rug, to the large wall size stencils!

The wall size stencils are gorgeous! They give you the ability to create a ‘wallpapered’ looking wall, in your exact colors you choose and so much less expensive compared to actual wallpaper!

Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Delicate Floral Panel B, Small Chez Shiek, Small Casbah Trellis, Small Fleur de Lace, Small Adana Abstract Floral, Small Chloe Floral Trellis, Gota Embroidery Border, Lisboa Tile Allover, Large Adana Abstract Floral, Fly Away with Me, Silk Road Suzani Allover, Damascus Damask, Small French Floral Damask, Meandering Rose Chinoiserie Wall Stencil, Mansion House Grille, Mini Fez Blanket, Mini Khanjali Ikat Fall, Floral Fireworks, Mini Sultan Swirl, Large Harlequin Wall, Small Harlequin Wall, Large Eastern Lattice, Floral Cascade Damask